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Q: "At what age do the kittens leave their nest?"

A: Kittens leave the cattery starting at age 14 weeks.

Q: "How many times a year does each queen have babies?"

A: Each queen has only one litter a year.

Q: "Do you vaccinate your kittens?"

A: Babies get three series FVRCP Vaccines including Rabies Vaccine.

Q: "Any documentation that the cats used for breeding are tested for FIV & FELV?"

A: All my cats are tested for FIV & FELV prior of mating. In addition, each baby gest his own FIV& FELV combo test prior of leaving the cattery. 

Q: "Will my kitten be spayed/neutered before going home?"

A: Each male/female that goes to a pet home will be spayed/neutered unless going to a registered cattery that participates at CFA & TICA shows.

Q: "What do you feed your cats?"

A: I am a true believer in 100% protein raw diet. Frequently, I make my own combination of different protein such as: chicken, beef, and turkey. Also, I buy in bulk from companies such as Blue Ridge Beef or Texas Tripe.

Q: "What comes with the baby?"

A: Records of vaccination: FIV & FELV tests and Rabies Vaccine (including the tag). Samples of shampoo and supplements. As well as 4lbs of raw, home made diet, to ensure smooth transition into the new family.


Q: "Do you deliver?"

A: Local delivery around Texas starts at $100/hour for a round trip. Delivery outside of Texas (within the US) starts at $600-$1000

Q: "Will my kitten be litter trained?"

A: Each baby is litter trained prior of leaving the cattery. 

Q: "Is my kitten comfortable with bath?"

A: At age 5 weeks, I start to introduce babies to weekly baths and grooming. 

Q: "I don't believe in raw diet and want to switch to PetSmart brand. Can I switch on the same day I pick up my kitten?"

A: I send each baby with their original homemade raw diet, including a probiotic that will last a few weeks. It is recommended to keep the baby's diet for first few weeks during the transition time to minimize stress.

Q: "Do you add any supplements into their food?"

A: Daily I add 1/8 teaspoon kitty bloom supplements with 500mg lysine and 1 pump of sardine oil mixed with their food once daily.

Q: "What litter should I use?"

A: I have tried multiple litters over the years. For my boys, I use Tidy Cats with Charcoal. For kittens, I use Feline Pine Platinum non-clumping cat litter. It is sold on Amazon or PetSmart.

cat sittng

If you have any subsequent questions regarding our Persian and Himalayan cats, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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