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About Us

Beljapur cattery-persian -kitten-sale
Beljapur cattery-persian-cat-kitten-sale
Beljapur cattery- persian-cat-kitten-sale
Beljapur cattery-persian cat-kitten-tortoiseshell-sale

 Welcome to Beljapur Persian and Himalayan cats Cattery! We take pride in raising exquisite Persian and Himalayan kittens with Champion/Grand champion bloodlines, including renowned names like "Sandypaws,", "Vikers," "Benoma," "Sultan," and "Spreewood." Our goal is to provide healthy CFA standard Persian and Himalayan kittens to loving homes and reputable breeding programs. If you're looking for beautiful Persian kittens for sale, look no further than Beljapur Persian and Himalayan Cattery! We happily offer delivery options to various destinations in Texas and across the US.

My name is Nataliya, and I've been a resident of Austin, TX, for over two decades since moving from Ukraine. As a small hobby breeder, I am passionate about raising Persian and Himalayan kittens with the utmost care and attention to their health and well-being. Among these breeds, I am particularly drawn to the mesmerizing navy-blue eyes found in the Sandypaws' bloodline. These feline companions are known for their affectionate nature and charming personalities. I am committed to preserving and passing down this endearing trait by carefully selecting breeding lines.


​My fascination with these majestic cats began in childhood when my mother introduced me to my first cat show. Today, I continue to fuel my passion by actively participating in local cat shows across Texas, including Persian kittens for sale in Texas and surrounding areas. These events not only allow me to learn and grow as a breeder but also provide opportunities to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Beljapur Persian and Himalayan Cattery is proudly registered with CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association, INC). To maintain the health and integrity of our breeding program, we adhere to strict guidelines. Our cattery is a closed facility, and we do not offer any STUD services. All our cats enjoy indoor living, experiencing the freedom of no cages and being flea-free in a secure environment. We take the health of our feline family seriously; therefore, all our cats are FELV and FIV negative and come from a PKD DNA tested cattery.

For those interested in adding a furry family member, we invite you to explore our available kittens:

Beljapur cattery-persian-cat-kitten-breed
Beljapur cattry-Himalayn-kitten-sitting
Persia kittens
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